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5248 Blvd Saint-LaurentMontréal, QC H2T 1S1

A space dedicated to creators and entrepreneurs

5248 is the owl’s nest! A collaborative space right located on the heart of Montreal to make good things happen. A mix of projects, emulation and fun.

5248 is

A project area to maximize your launch

5248 is also

An event area to network and start your campaign

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At Ulule, we love encounters, wavelength synchronizing and brains storming! Training, meetups, launch event for your project: we organize frequently events to meet with the community at 5248, and we offer our space to the project owners who want to organize their own events. We hope to meet you here soon!

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Project area

Residents - They stay at 5248, close to the Ulule team

  • Freelance journalist since 2005, I work on various platforms such as : web, newspapers, dailys, radio and TV

    Mariève, Planète F

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  • I am CEO of Hardbacon, a fintech start-up that aims at making investment accessible to all

    Julien, Hard Bacon

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  • Permanently at 5248, I offer accounting services and specializes in business taxes

    Ugo, Yoogs

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  • French Breton expat, I love biking in winter and salty butter pancakes, no one can deny its origins

    Thibault, Fooducoin

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  • Mon Super Voisin gathers individuals around shared values : trust, sharing and mutual aid

    Axel, Mon Super Voisin

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  • I share my knowledge of bureaucratic processes and my network of north-american coaches with my clients

    Clément, Bourses Sportives

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