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10 advices to better communicate on social networks during your crowdfunding campaign

Launching a crowdfunding campaign can be a real challenge. It is an intense moment, yet very stimulating, that you will experience in a short amount of time. This means it is very important to communicate efficiently on social networks. Here are some advices to help you master social networks during your campaign.

1. Do not underestimate the power of social networks

Nowadays, it is mandatory for a brand, an artist or any entrepreneur to have a good knowledge and handling of social networks. They are the tools (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Snapchat…) that made crowdfunding what it became today. Right next to emails, those networks will certainly be the first contact with your audience and will allow you to communicate at best towards the 3 circles of crowdfunding in order to extend your project's reach.

Nowadays, it is mandatory to have a good knowledge and handling of social networks.

2. Do not overestimate the power of social networks

Social networks are great and useful, but they are not magic. A tweet or a Facebook publication are not enough to make your campaign take off and reach your target. Do not waste an entire day trying to get retweeted by a celebrity, it would be useless. To have an efficient social network strategy, you need hard work and interesting content to share. It is a long-term work.

3. Launch your social networks *before* launching your crowdfunding campaign

A crowdfunding campaign can be considered as a marathon and it is important that you start building your community before launching your campaign. In order for your social networks to be efficient, it is primordial for them to be well established. It is something that needs to be done before launching a campaign.

4. Storytelling (narrate your project)

The great thing about crowdfunding, is that behind every campaign there is a story. Using social networks to share this story is an excellent way to look for funding. By telling more about who you are, showing behind the scene, you introduce yourself to a larger audience and invite people to share your story.

5. Choose the right moment to post

It is important to analyse your networks and to know when is the most efficient moment of the day to post. Mind your posting frequency. Yes, you should stay connected and have a presence on the Internet, but do not overpost either, you could lose followers by doing so. We strongly recommend to publish maximum 3 times per week on Facebook and maximum 5 times a day on Twitter. But it is not a golden rule! You need to find your rhythm, based on your community. But never spam and always mind your audience comments (see next point).

6. Always answer and share with your users

Social network were intended to bring you closer to a specific community. It is very important to always answer to comments and messages you receive. Every - single - time! That’s said!

7. Vary your posts

Yes, you want to share about your campaign, but it is important to not exclusively talk about it. Use social networks for what they are meant to : places to share ideas, opinions and knowledge. Diversified content will attract people’s attention.

8. Always insert a link to your campaign on every post about your project

Publishing a post on Facebook without a link to your Ulule campaign is a mistake you should not make. Attention span on internet is just a few seconds long. If you do not guide efficiently your potential contributor you will miss opportunities. The person shouldn’t have to look for your campaign on a search engine, you need to bring that person directly on it.

9. Do not beg / stay positive

During a campaign, it’s better to avoid this sentence: Help me! You need to be positive in your communication and show the public what makes your project interesting. The idea is to highlight your project and not only the need of funding. Create adhesion.

10. Have content/visuals

We won’t say it enough: visuals are an open door to your project. They must be perfect. Several tools exist, like Canva, to easily create neat visuals that are perfect for social networks. A publication with a visual is much more engaging, use large high quality pictures. You can also have a blog on which you publish news and share your story. This way, you will have articles to share on your networks and more content to broadcast.

BONUS: Have fun!

You are engaging in a beautiful adventure and it is important to have fun through the whole process. Get inspired by other crowdfunding projects and see how they communicated. Follow accounts you like and enjoy navigating on social networks. They will help you be close to your community and enable you to communicate directly with followers. Have fun!