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5 golden rules to succeed at crowdfunding your project

By working with so many project owners, we quickly learned the essential steps to make a project success. Here are 5 golden rules to make it to this point.

1. Polish your project presentation

When you create your project page, keep in mind it is the “showroom” of your idea. You have to tell your story in order to explain why your project is interesting and unique. Take really care of your spelling, this will this will raise your audience sense of trust.

Nice visuals are essential to attract people and get your project discovered and increase your project popularity. Use large pictures representing well your idea. The main picture will be displayed in all menus of the website, it’s really important to take your time and select the BEST one to convince your audience. Avoid blurry images and instead pick one that is really catchy and conveys interest in your project.

Your project page is the “showroom” of your idea. Nice visuals are essential and will catch your audience attention.

When it is time to write your description, prefer shorter sentences that are easy to read on a mobile device. Add several images and let the text breathe.

Videos are the best way to explain your project and convince people of investing in your idea. No need to take the same equipment as Titanic movie. You just need to get an idea, to film yourself, smile and deliver a clear and direct message. Try to get the best quality of picture and sound possible.

In a nutshell, it’s easier to promote your project when you have it neat and professional.

2. Drive your campaign daily

Once your campaign is online, it gets serious: You have to drive it! Your relatives play a major role in funding your campaign. They will be the first to invest in your idea and support you all the adventure all along. Next, you will need to find support from people within your community and finally attract those you don’t know. Read more about it with our article The 3 circles of crowdfunding.

Your motivation is the key to success. Be transparent with your community and proud of your project.

Once campaign your is launched, it is primordial to be present on social networks, to send newsletters and post news on a regular basis. If you are not active, visitors might think you gave up on your project. 30 minutes per day are enough to answer comments and make updates on your campaign. To read more on how to communicate on social media, we recommend you read our article top 10 advices for communicating about your crowdfunding campaign.

3. Communicate (communicate! communicate!!)

Some people might find it difficult to talk about their project. You must not be afraid to share the news, it’s a project you are proud of, you worked a lot for it. Don’t consider it as a way to withdraw money from people but instead a way to get them onboard a project that is really close to your heart. Don’t hesitate to give updates and encourage your relatives to share them. Trust yourself and your project. And of course listen carefully to your audience in order to accordingly refine your project and the way you communicate about it.

4. Keep it up

When launching a crowdfunding campaign, it’s easy to believe that the longer it last, the more money you will get. It’s not necessarily the case. It’s a standard in crowdfunding: the U-shaped curve, tells us that a campaign has a strong start, slows down in between and finishes even stronger.

Being aware of it will help you communicate efficiently. Many people wait for the last minute before participating in a project, never get discouraged. Keep sharing news even if your project is behind schedule. Never lose hope. And of course drive your communication accordingly, making sure that you stay available at the start and at the end of your campaign. But also by communicating all campaign long, in order to rise the U-shaped curve but also to keep your audience informed on your project progress.

5. You have the money, tell us what you’ll do with it

You have reached your goal? Congratulations! If you still have time left on your campaign you can add a second target (“stretch goal”) and explain what you would do if you were to reach 200% financement of your funding goal.

In all cases, once your project is financed (or even “over funded”) be very clear on what you will do with the money and show your audience that the collected funds will be well spent.

Right at the end of the campaign, you will get the email addresses of every person that participated. A thank you message will be more than appreciated. You have a community that is backing you up, don’t let it go. Keep in touch with them and and give updates on your project evolution and the milestones you’ve set.

Bonus: at Ulule, you can copy your neighbour

One little bonus because we really want your campaign to succeed. We are often told that copying is bad. Well, this time it might be a good idea! Feel free to check project that got funded and take notes on what to do and what to avoid.

(ok so maybe “copy” is a bit strong … let’s go with “get inspired” instead)

Don’t forget you can always count on the Ulule team to help you all along your campaign. Once you submitted your proposal, our success managers will help you lead your project towards success.